Staging Tips 1-WHAT NOT TO DO!

Staging to sell your home is what I do for my clients. A COMPLIMENTARY staging consultation is what sellers need to do first. Highly recommended.

Lets take a look and allow me to criticize to give you an idea what you may NOT need to do if you want to sell your home for top dollars.



Picture # 1 – From a local listing – This picture will not allow you to have any idea of size of the room. You see what it seems to be laminate floor and then… what is that loose chair doing there? Looks like an interrogation room to me…

1990566064_9f3b8e8327_bPicture # 2 – Wow they are moving. What was the intention of this picture in the listing? Buyers do not want to see a cat going thru the semi closed boxes here…


HORRIBLE - LIST PICTURE KITCHEN NO 2Picture # 3 –  Talking CLUTTER… REMOVE all from the counter. Fridge stickers collector? Clothing hanging from chairs?
HORRIBLE 2 LIVING ROOM-CLUTTERED FURNITUREPicture #4 – Too many large pieces of furniture in the room. CLUTTER east EQUITY!

I make a complimentary staging consultation an integral part of my marketing campaign.

Should you have any question please contact me!

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