How Can I Help You Sell Your Home for Top Dollars

The main reason why I can sell your home for top dollar is among other things I can give you a COMPLIMENTARY HOME STAGING STUDY with your listing!

If you plan to sell your home you must, among other things:

  1. Clear the clutter
  2. Pack what you are taking with you and dispose/donate/sell what you do not want to move.
  3. Looks at the natural light, a big allied in your quest to sell your home.
  4. Curb appeal: clip your bushes, get your lawn / trees / plants. Do not use more than three large items in the front of your home.
  5. You sell your home, they want to buy a house.
  6. Look at the color in your walls. Extreme, strident colors will not help.

The numbers below tell the story. Staging really works.


How can I help?

If you live in Hanover or Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, please call me JOHN NUNEZ at 717-316-9519 to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY STAGING CONSULTATION.
1. I’ll take pictures, with your authorization, of all of your home.

2. Do an evaluation and recommend the steps you need to take BEFORE putting your house in the market.


Member of the Loree Foster Team


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