28 tips to help you to brighten your home

One of the most important factors to consider when selling selling your home is certainly having light spaces in your home — here some tips to help you brighten your home.

Sustainable design expert, Oliver Heath, says: ‘Light has a huge impact on our daily well being – it influences mood,  behavior and physical health, so opening your home to lots of natural light, particularly in the winter, is a very good idea.
There are several ways to help bounce light around your home, ranging from simple adjustments to bigger changes.

1. use white or light-colored furniture. Wherever possible, search for white furniture, rather than dark colors. …
2. keep tall items away from windows. …
3. use sheer, white curtains. …
4. add mirrors. … in strategic locations
5. paint, paint … less expensive option
6. clean your windows and lampshades.
7. use bright, white bulbs. …
8. add natural flowers or plants, theme is three
9. use white or light-colored furniture
10. clear the clutter – clutter eats equity
11. integrate light and space using colour
12. mount shelves perpendicular to a wall that has a window.
13. use floor lamps aimed at the ceiling.
14. decorate with light-toned, hairpin-leg furniture.
15. use acrylic accent furniture.
16. opt for open-shelving instead of cabinets in the kitchen.
17. opt for matte finishes instead of glossy.
18. use Venetian blinds
19. avoid hanging lots of prints on the wall.
20. while white is the usual choice, consider painting your room a more saturated color, like gold.
21. remove your screens.
22. use lighter-colored slipcovers.
23. let the hardwoods shine.
24. tye back curtains
25. keep windows free of obstruction
26. try Dulux Light and Space paint is said to be twice as reflective as most other paints
27. trade clear floors for deep wood looking floors, when possible!
28. make space in rooms




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