Advise to Sellers: Little Things Mean a Lot

Mortgage planning

Selling your “home” takes a lot, emotionally and physically.


But what you always need to remember is that your “home” is just a “house” for your buyer. Be prepared to do a lot in order to lift the appeal of your property to buyers going passing by it.

Traffic is going to be heavy the first couple of weeks. Then is when – little things may mean a lot.

INMAN News, leading real estate news source for Real Estate professionals goes over 6 points believed to be crucial:


  1. Clean – Professionally cleaning your home is like detailing your car. Getting to the details, like professionals do. Then maintaining the cleanliness all the way to the settlement table – because even when you have it done one by a professional dust, mite, humidity and daily living accumulates dust, mites, etc. Don’t go overboard with aromatic stuff like candles, or electronic systems. Look at the appliances in the kitchen, they should be sparkling clean, and same goes to the bathroom.


  1. Declutter – Clutter eats equity. If your intentions to sell your home are serious, then get serious… pack and move your clutter away from the house. Rent a storage unit, DO NOT RELOCATE your stuff from one place to hide it in a closet, basement or in your garage out there. Your buyers needs to see open spaces.


  1. Paint – Wallpaper is a no-no these days. Colors in the walls that are high pitch should be taken away. Same as the wallpaper. Use neutral colors. Front door, kitchen and bathrooms statistically sell better when painted in the blues or gray tones. Keep it light, it will reflect natural light better. The exterior colors that sells better are: medium brown, taupe and stucco, according to INMAN.


  1. Depersonalize – Those family collages in the walls and all the personal statements about love, wine, etc. need to disappear and don’t forget to fill out those pesky little holes that are left behind after you remove the pictures. Take all the heavy wall decor.
  2. Think about lightning – Natural light is a must, remove the curtains that obstruct light. Take away all ancient light fixtures. Up your light bulbs to higher values. Use white light instead of regular bulbs, Raise lower light fixtures.

  1. Upgrade the Exterior – Paint the front door to a matching exterior color of the house and decorative blinds should be painted the same color; update the garage door; Lighten up the exterior – don’t let overgrown gardens or bushes obstruct the view of the front of your property; liven up the landscape: remove all death plants, flowers and decorations (dwarfs, statues, etc.); put furniture on the porch or some wood accent to follow the style of the front entrance.


There much, much more you, as a seller, can do to improve the changes of selling your house not only quickly but for the right price. In general these is the the approach I take during my listing presentations.

John Nunez is a REALTOR(r) attached to the Loree Foster Team, at Berkshire Hathaway Homesale, in Hanover Pennsylvania.

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