Good Opportunity to Learn About Self-Directed IRAs

Posted in REALTOR® Finances, by Robert Freedman on May 22, 2017 4

The Entrust Group provides professional services for people who use a self-directed IRA as part of their savings plan. The company is hosting an upcoming webinar to educate you as a real estate professional about how to use the tax-advantaged accounts as part of your savings strategy. The webinar is June 14 at 11 a.m., Pacific time (2 p.m., Eastern time). Below is a description provided by the company of its webinar, which REALTOR® Magazine is promoting but not hosting:

Now, more than ever, people are investing in real estate as a way to save for retirement. For 35 years, the number of The Entrust Group’s clients investing in real estate in their self-directed IRAs has grown consistently. Each year, The Entrust Group uncovers real estate investment trends based on data from Entrust clients and respected organizations, such as the National Association of REALTORS®. Join Bill Neville, business development manager at The Entrust Group, as he discusses the company’s latest report. He’ll be talking about 1) Entrust IRA real estate investment trends, 2) national real estate trends, and 3) three reasons to invest in real estate with an IRA. Neville will answer questions and make a free copy of the 2017 Real Estate Investor Market Research Report to attendees.



REALTOR® Magazine believes real estate professionals will find value in hearing a company that specializes in self-directed IRAs explain how this type of investment works, share trends on their use, and answer your questions about them. The webinar is sponsored by The Entrust Group and REALTOR® Magazine is letting real estate professionals know about it but it did not participate in development of the webinar and does not endorse its content


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