The World of Client Connect: A Not So New Tool for Real Estate Agents who Share a passion for Service

By John Nunez, REALTOR(R), ASP – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices HomeSale Realty, and a member of the Loree Foster Team

I personally see PARAGON’S CLIENT CONNECT as an electronic robot with a soul.

  • As REALTOR® You can control it and provide your prospect an idea on how you as a REALTOR® share his/her VISION of a home.
  • Let me give you an example: When we go to the doctor you dread a word: INVASIVE. Another INVASIVE interaction, another INVASIVE procedure, another INVASIVE this, another INVASIVE that… but to the contrary CLIENT CONNECT is NON-INVASIVE and helps you bring to life your PASSION FOR SERVICE”.
  • With CLIENT CONNECT you can create his/her own PERSONAL webpage. I make specially emphasis here in the word PERSONAL because I believe that’s very important for this INDIVIDUAL customer. Even though the look and feel of each PERSONAL WEBPAGE generated by CLIENT CONNECT may look the same, the content has something important is that it delivers HEART AND SOUL.
  • Let me describe the HEART and SOUL. In your first interaction with this PROSPECT you cover the basics: trying to build rapport but mostly LISTENING to what this person vision was for his/her HOME. Remember that for this prospect the HOUSE is not it, it is a HOME and the HEART and SOUL are all the amenities that to this person a house with become a HOME – bedrooms, bathrooms, fencing yard, lots of space for the kids, family room, sun room, etc.
  • You can email this client/customer listings as well as any comment or any other VALUABLE information it comes to bear.
  • I emphasized on the word VALUABLE because value is the key here. With CLIENT CONNECT you are feeding CONSTANT VALUE to this prospect.
  • CLIENT CONNECT represents also an important addition to convenience” it is not an online shopping portal because YOU, the REALTOR(R) STILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE THE MOST IMPORTANT component and that is SHARE YOUR DREAM… with this client/customer.
  • Martin Luther King WAS NOT SELLING HIS DREAM he was SHARING HIS DREAM and that’s how he put together such a crowd in Washington DC when he pronounced his famous speech and actually confirmed that HE HAD A DREAM TO SHARE.
  • CLIENT CONNECT represents the OPENING SALVO in the journey whose final GOAL is the delivery of the KEY TO THE HOME dreamed by this prospect during that opening conversation.

Using technology to increase or as a multiplier effect on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is a PLUS. Learn it, get involve, use it to its EXTREME.. there is only one thing you will get A TOTAL AND REWARDING CAREER and I am not an expert.

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